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MyGreenOil is a Multifunctional
Breakthrough Fuel Reformulator. When
mixed with fuel, it immediately changes
normal fuel, making it a super efficient
fuel which performs at optimum value,
resulting in multiple benefits such as:

  1. FUEL SAVINGS - from the ever increasing cost of fuel
  2. INCREASED POWER & PERFORMANCE - giving optimum value for net gain against cost
  3. REDUCED MAINTENANCE COSTS - from expensive engine wear and tear
  4. REDUCED EMMISSIONS - from harmful toxic exhaust emmissions

MyGreenOil can reformulate any kind of liquid fuel such as; petrol, diesel, light fuel, medium fuel, heavy (bunker) fuel or biodiesel.

MyGreenOil is a unique formula of high-quality natural esters. It is non-toxic, non-hazardous and free of carcinogens. The unique natural esters in MyGreenOil is made up of 100% plant quintessence, it is not derived from petroleum and is biodegradable. Laboratory tests confirm that MyGreenOil is clean and safe upon ignition, reducing emissions without adding any of its own components to the exhaust and is 99.999% ash-less upon combustion.


MyGreenOil is a unique formula of high-quality natural esters. It is non-toxic, natural and made up of 100% plant quintessence. When fuel is reformulated by it; fuel consumption, toxic exhaust emissions and engine maintenance costs will be reduced significantly.

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Product Applications

Mix 1 ml of MyGreenOil to every 1000ml (1 litre) of Petrol.

Mix 1.2ml of MyGreenOil to every 1000ml (1litre) of Diesel.

Product Liability Insurance
MyGreenOil is covered by USD 1 million Product Liability Insurance

Improve Power + Performance
Improve Mileage
Increase Horsepower + Torque
Increase Engine Life
Reduce Fuel Consumption
Reduce Toxic Exhaust Emissions
Reduce Noise, Vibration &     Temperature
Reduce Maintenance Cost



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